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Bagheera’s Camp offers much to any who wishes to come and stay. The main activity – to relax -to reconnect with Nature and yourself.
For those who wish to see and understand the wildlife of the region, classes are conducted when booked through advance reservation and wildlife safaris are conducted daily – both by foot and by jeep.
Many species of birds and lesser known rare animals live in the Jawai and the Camp area itself. Leopard sightings are not uncommon since the area supports one of the highest concentrations of leopards in India.
The Camp arranges stays for backpackers to wildlife lovers to individuals who just need a break from their hectic lives. Accommodation is available from dorm level to premium rooms with en suite bath and family heirloom furnishings. “Our Safaris are special, as we do it the old school way! Jodhpur Hunting Style Camping Safaris, an experience of authentic camping, where you will be a part of lighting campfire, making BBQ and several other skills, passed down by ‘father to son’, are a main attraction of Bagheera’s Camp.”
Bera Rajasthan Leopard Safari Leopard Photography Tour / Tribal and Village Cultural Photography Tour:
We offer exclusive and value added services, to wildlife photographers.



Bagheera’s Camp is part of the Save Godwad Revolution started by H.H Umaid Singh Bahadur of Marwar which started with building the Jawai Bandh (dam) with the people of Godwar. What we offer you is the most exclusive holiday, where you are wrapped in the flavours of nature, wild culture and a perfect harmony of animal and man. You will see how the tribals are motived to save their land and the wildlife. Women are the driving force and men act as our backbone. Godwad Rangers, are a team of Men and Women who have pledged to Save this land of Godwad, Rajasthan.

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